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The Modern Trust Story

by Dan Hales, attorney and founder:

I've been a trust and estate planning attorney for nearly 30 years. During that time, I’ve seen many clients misplace or lose their trusts or wills, and then have to pay me or another attorney a lot of money to replace them. I’ve seen many clients whose trusts and estate planning documents have been destroyed by fire, damaged by flood, stolen, or lost while moving. Sometimes people just can’t remember where they put these important documents. Unfortunately, paper documents are just paper, and paper isn’t built to last. Existing online services only help you to create an old-fashioned paper document which must still be printed out before it can be signed. Once printed it, too, can be lost or stolen.

I sought a practical, efficient solution, and Modern Trust was born. Now, people can create, sign, and maintain their living trusts quickly and easily online, without using obsolete paper documents. Once completed, your living trust can be electronically signed and stored online, safely and privately. You can print out your trust document if you want, or email it to a loved one. In the meantime, your document is stored safely and securely online in the encrypted Modern Trust vault, accessible only by you, or later, by your chosen successor trustee.

We buy and sell stock online. We buy and sell real estate online. We hold our money and pay our bills online. Now, with Modern Trust, you can create and maintain your living trust and other estate planning documents online, too. Keeping your trust online with our program makes it easier for you to maintain and easier for your successor to obtain and enact after you’re gone.

I hope you enjoy using Modern Trust and experience the peace of mind that comes from completing your trust and estate planning and from knowing that your affairs—and those you love—are in order. Feel content knowing your documents reflect your true wishes, and are stored safely and securely for your own convenience and for the benefit of your loved ones. Create your legacy the modern way.

Dan Hales, Attorney