Who creates a trust and why?

I do it for my: Family

Everything that my parents came into this country to work for will be protected from probate court to be administered privately by our own family. I use Modern Trust for my family.

Jasmin, 27 - Orange County, CA

I do it for my: Future

With my husband being in the U.S. Airforce, it brings us a sense of security knowing that everything will be left to my family privately through a living trust and in an organized manner after I'm gone.

Natalie, 33 - Redondo Beach, CA

I do it for my: Legacy

I do it for my: Health

When mom was released from the hospital after battling cancer for the second time, it was a very scary, uncertain time. We didn’t have anything in writing as far as her wishes or her desires or the decisions she would like for me to make on her behalf.

Anneke, 40 with her mother Debra, 60 - Santa Monica, CA

I do it for my: Business

I do it for my: Changing Life

It was just a matter of clicking through, adding information, and within a matter of minutes, I was totally set up with a revocable living trust. I do it for my son Michael!

Linda, 58 - Brentwood, CA

Whatever your story is, whatever your needs are, trust in Modern Trust to help guide you to securing your financial legacy.

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